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Winnipeg, MB

Andrea Sutherland (she/her) recently graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Environmental Science. Her academic journey has deepened her understanding of environmental justice and governance challenges, igniting her passion for effective environmental management. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Andrea has channelled her enthusiasm into local initiatives, such as preserving an urban green space and supporting its community programming.

Andrea’s dedication to her interests is evident through her involvement in several research projects. At the University of Manitoba’s Environmental Conservation Lab, she conducted a cross-country review of greenwashing by Canadian hydroelectric utilities to break down common misconceptions about the social and environmental impacts of hydro dams. Additionally, as an Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Carbon Markets Bureau’s Indigenous Engagement Team member, Andrea focused on fostering Indigenous community participation in the federal offset system. Her most recent accomplishments includes an award-winning honours thesis on the watershed approach, where she explored how decision-making authority within seemingly apolitical boundaries can serve the interests of specific social groups and political agendas.

Andrea’s commitment to environmental issues extends beyond national borders. She recently crafted a climate change policy for the Think Pacific Foundation, a Fijian charity. Andrea is eager for the chance to apply her diverse skills and experiences at the federal level.

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