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Montreal, QC & Pickering, ON

As a student of political science, linguistics, and discourse analysis, Isabelle (she/her) is keen to cast a critical eye on the ways political organization and discourse impact our collective capacity to address environmental issues. Her momentum towards environmental leadership is grounded in principles of respect, community well-being, and what it means to be a good neighbour. Raised in Pickering, Ontario, with strong ties to Montreal, Québec, she carries Acadian and Nigerian cultural heritage that she is in the continuous process of unpacking and celebrating. She is a budding advocate in various areas such as youth mental health, racial equity, bodily autonomy, labour rights, creative self-expression, and, most recently, water quality and conservation through a placement with Swim Drink Fish in Toronto. She’s excited to join the PIE Cohort 6 to explore the particular needs for successful global climate negotiations and merge housing and sustainability political priorities.

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