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Skw’akw’as/Sunshine Lillian

Tlekemstin “Lytton”, BC

Skw’akw’as/Sunshine Lillian (she/her) is a Nlakapamux and Yakama youth from Tlekemstin, also known as Lytton, British Columbia. Skw’akw’as is the Indigenous Climate & Policy Advisor with VIDEA, Co-chair of the Environment and Climate Change Youth Council, a member of the Youth Advisory Group with the Canadian Commission of UNESCO, and a Board Member for Youth Climate Lab. Skw’akw’as’s passion lies in reshaping the narrative around the climate crisis in media, steering away from unnecessary doomism in climate communication. She strives to inspire and support BIPOC youth to take up space within colonial structures and continuously calls for decolonizing policy, education, and thought processes. She also aims to hold and create safe spaces for youth with big climate feelings and normalize crying within climate spaces. Skw’akw’as loves Taylor Swift and frequently listens to ‘You’re on your own kid’ in colonial spaces.

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