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Waabshkigan Shane Kenneth Monague

Beausoleil First Nation, Christian Island, ON

Niigaanzhe Shane Kenneth Monague is a proud Anishinaabenini from Beausoleil First Nation. He takes immense pride in being an uncle and a brother to his four siblings. Over the years, he has dedicated his time and talents to various roles within the broader indigenous community, employing an Indigenous Assets-Based Community Development (IABCD) approach to advocate for and advance the health and well-being of both the environment and indigenous youth.

As a second-generation Indian Residential School Survivor, Shane is profoundly committed to fostering community projects and programs rooted in Indigenous and ancestral knowledge. His passion for supporting his people whenever and wherever he can has led people to name him an Oshkaabewis, signifying his role as a traditional helper in his community. He can often be found spending time with friends, assisting with ceremonies, firekeeping, participating in lodge activities, venturing out on the land, or simply being at home with his cat, “Indigo”.

He has dedicated his efforts to his community, focusing on decolonized community building, language revitalization, cultural integration and sustainable development. He hopes to use his experiences, knowledge and skills to formulate a comprehensive plan for Indigenous community sovereignty within Canada. From matters of energy and justice to environmental sovereignty and all areas in between, his dream and life’s work thus far are centred around realizing an indigenous-led future for his people.

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