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We regularly hold educational and network-building events focused building knowledge and understanding of barriers and opportunities for environmental leadership in politics, fundamentals of environmental advocacy, and more. Sign up to our newsletter to get notified of upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

SEPT. 14 , 2023 | 1PM-2:15PM ET


Taking Stock on Canada's Environmental

June 2023

In partnership with Environtastic and Ecology Ottawa.

Special Guests: MPP Joel Harden, MPP Chandra Pasma, Arthur Thuot (Storytelling Corp), Kelsey Lane, Camilla Stanley.

Youth Environmental Leaders: Personal Branding & Storytelling Workshop

May 2023

In partnership with the Canadian Council for Youth Prosperity & Sustainable Youth Canada. Special Guests: Abhay Singh Sachal, Annie Martel, Haruka Aoyama, Skw'akw'as (Sunshine) Lillian and Shir Gruber.

Youth Councils to Environmental Action: A Conversation with Young Leaders

April 2023

In partnership with Youth Climate Lab.

Special Guests: Jonathan Pedneault (Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada), Soomin Han

Letters for Leadership: An Earth Day Workshop for Youth

February 2023

Special Guests: Lenore Zann (Former MPP & MP), Lynn Jones, MP Richard Cannings

Unpacking Private Members' Bills

November 2022

Special Guests: Andrew Van Iterson (Manager of the Green Budget Coalition)

Workshop: Canada's Federal Budget & How to Advocate for the Environment

July 2022

Special Guests: Aaron Freeman, Matthew Lie-Paehlke

Navigating the Post-Election Government Landscape in Ontario

January 2022

Special Guests: Keynote address by Dr. Amita Kuttner, MP Lori Idlout, Dr. Hayden King, MP Mike Morrice, Tria Donaldson, the Hon. Lisa Raitt, Dr. Devyani Singh, MP Richard Cannings, and many more!

FLIP 2.0 (Future Leaders in Politics)

May 2021

Special Guests: MP Elizabeth May, Former Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty, Minister of Environment & Climate Change Steven Guilbeault, keynote speaker Dr. Ingrid Waldron, the Hon. Bowinn Ma, and more!

The FLIP Summit (Future Leaders in Politics)

Program events prior to September 2023 were coordinated by GreenPAC

Past Events

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