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Joshua's Story

Joshua Swift (former Parliamentary Intern for the Environment) reflects on his journey from a small town to the heart of decision-making and his experiences in the program which helped him gain invaluable skills and experience in working on environmental issues.

Coco Wang (former Parliamentary Intern for the Environment) shares her story growing up in a mining community in China, where she first became aware of the urgency of environmental issues. She reflects on the profound impact that the PIE program had on her, and how she carries this knowledge forward into her new journey as a law student.

Coco's Story

Camilla's Story

Camilla (former Parliamentary Intern for the Environment) knew she'd need a deep understanding of Canada's political system if she was going to be able to play a role in Canada's sustainability efforts. During the program she not only kickstarted her career, but also became increasingly aware of just how much certain communities are underrepresented in our political system. She is now an advocate for those communities.

Sophia's Story

I used to believe that to be heard in politics, especially for environmental issues, you needed to protest or be part of big movements. But through all of these big moments, I wanted to make sure that underrepresented communities don’t get left behind.

When I heard about the letter-writing workshop during FLIP 3.0, my curiosity was piqued. It was definitely a new angle, something I hadn’t thought of before. I wanted to make an impact in my local community, a community that is often overlooked. What better way to do this than by reaching out to my MP?

The workshop opened my eyes not just to the power of personal narratives in politics, but also to the myriad ways one can be an environmental advocate. It’s not just about protests; it’s about conversation, education, and connecting on a personal level with our elected leaders. So when I saw that ELC was starting a Youth Advisory Committee, I was really keen to get involved.

Now, as a member of the youth advisory committee, my journey with advocacy has just begun. Every voice matters, and I'm committed to using mine to make a lasting impact.

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