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Through the delivery of projects like 100 Debates on the Environment and Every Day Advocates, we've amassed a library of useful resources to help build the capacity of environmental advocates to engage in political processes and push for environmental leadership and accountability.


Here you'll find some of our most popular toolkits, templates, and more!


NOTE: The resource library is still under construction. More resources will follow in the coming weeks.

Resources for folks looking to better understand politics and engage in advocacy between elections.

Advocacy & Politics

To demystify the complicated, and often intimidating, realm of lobbying for environmental advocates.

Take a look at how partisanship and party discipline can obstruct environmental leadership in Parliament.

Overview of key processes, divisions of power, and the internal decision-making bodies that affect environmental leadership.

Understand the ins and outs of the tools MPs have at their disposal to advance change so that you can more work with them.

Learn about Canada’s federal budget cycle,  windows for engagement, and tips for undertaking budget advocacy with MPs.

Learn about the different jurisdictions involved in environmental governance in Canada.


Debates are a crucial tool for anybody looking to engage with their democracy, but they take a lot of work! Luckily, we've got you covered. Together with partners like Équiterre and community groups, we've helped hundreds of organizers across the country hold debates in their communities - and we've learned a lot along the way. Here are some of our most useful debate resources.

100 Debates on the Environment Toolkit

It takes a lot of work to put on a good debate!

Candidate Invitation Template

Invite your candidates to your debate with this template.

Post-Election MP/MPP Outreach Template

Establish a relationship with your elected MP/MPP.

Guidance for Setting Your Debate Format

How to set your debate format and a sample run-of-show.

Debate Questions

Our guide to writing good debate questions.

Media Advisory Template

How to let the media know about your debate.

 Press Release Template

Post-event, let the media know how the debate went.

Sample Social Media Posts

Let your community know about your debate.

We've taken the contents of our organizer's toolkit and all of our experiences helping organizers across the country to create this video series. Watch the whole thing or skip ahead to a topic you're curious about!

VIDEO SERIES: How to Organize a Debate

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